Snack the Fresh and Healthy Way!

Fresh Healthy Vending has the only dedicated in-house Product Development Department in the healthy vending industry!

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We create specialized menus for you!

Choose from over 6,000 natural, healthy and tasty products customized for the locations we secure and stocked with nationally recognized, popular, healthy, tried, tested and proven snacking brands.

vast experience with consumer trends

With our vast experience following consumer trends in various location types nationwide, we are able to recommend top-selling products that will make your Fresh Healthy Vending machines and Micro Markets as profitable as possible. In addition, we also ensure that every product in your machine will meet or exceed any mandated nutritional guidelines and support corporate wellness policies.

top-selling snack options

Snacking options for Fresh Healthy Vending machines and Micro Markets are comparable in shelf life (3-6 months) to snacks in other vending machines. Perishable/refrigerated snacks for climate-controlled machines are also available.

Some of our most popular snack options available are:


Free Delivery and easy ordering

Avoid guesswork and extra fees when stocking your healthy vending machines and micro markets.

  • Save money with free nationwide delivery
  • Have access to an exclusive e-commerce platform for easy ordering
  • Be provided healthy products and menus that meet school nutrition guidelines and corporate wellness policies
  • Receive healthy snack recommendations based on your specific vending machine and micro market locations
  • Be privy to weekly and monthly updates and newsletters
  • Have access to our product development team’s experience any time you need it
  • Receive the most competitive wholesale pricing from the #1 healthy snack distributor in the nation via our rebate/discount program