Fresh Support

Our expert team advises and guides our Franchisees on best practices and works as a partner to deliver the best possible business time and time again.

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Join the Fresh Franchise Family!

Here is just a glimpse at the type of support you can expect from Fresh Healthy Vending:

Constant Communication

We pride ourselves on our relationships with our Franchisees and maintain this success through constant communication throughout the entire Franchise experience. Whether it is via our Facebook Franchisee “Feel Free” forum, phone conversations, or franchisee newsletters, Fresh is constantly in contact with its Franchisees ensuring they are up to speed on everything “Healthy Vending.”

Franchise Coaching

As a Franchisee, you’ll have your own personal and dedicated consultant to help evaluate your Franchise, teach best practices, and provide solutions to problems. Our Franchisees are never alone and always have support from an attentive expert.

Fresh’s “Feel Free” Franchisee Forum

Our Franchisees connect on a private Facebook page only accessible to operational Franchisees, giving them the ability to communicate with the entire Fresh Franchisee network. Here Franchisees will learn about day-to-day operations, corporate wellness policies, existing or new products, products that sell in different location types (and products that don’t!), promotional efforts, technical tips, location information, and business building practices. And sometimes they just love to chat!

Custom Designed CRM

We have developed a custom CRM that is used during the Location process to ensure that our Franchisees are well informed and educated on their Locations, to monitor the progress during this process, and to maintain a map of all currently secured Locations.

Product Assistance

Our Franchisees have their very own team of Product Specialists to keep them informed about federal, state, and location imposed nutritional guidelines, new products, upcoming or existing restrictions, product trends, menu options, special pricing offers and so much more. Customized, proven plan-o-grams are created that are location specific, which sets the foundation for success.

Steps to Success

FHV’s proprietary coaching program, Fresh Steps to Success, is a step-by-step, comprehensive program designed to give our Franchisees all of the tools necessary to succeed in this business. It begins 30 days pre-installation and progresses through 90 days, post-installation.

Steps to Success provides pre-installation guidance including engaging with your customers, an understanding of what products should be ordered and training videos. The program also explores the mechanics of the business, inventory and storage tips, provides locations review materials and training, marketing materials to encourage sales and more. Post-installation guidance includes locations checklists, product information/evaluation, info on hosting sampling events and maximizing profits, and troubleshooting all components that lead to a successful location.

Mentor Program

Our Franchisees have access to a Regional Mentor, who is an experienced and successful Franchisee who can be contacted for advice on all aspects of being an FHV franchisee.

I began my relationship with Fresh almost three years ago. In that time I’ve felt like I’m part of a team. Anytime I have a question or concern, they respond promptly. If I require anything for my machines or information on new products, Fresh is there to help me.

Carol Molinari, Fresh Franchisee

Devoted franchisee for over three years