Fresh Healthy Vending Continues to Fuel Healthy Vending Machine Revolution



In 2010, Fresh Healthy Vending was founded with a mission of revolutionizing the vending machine industry. Today they are continuing that quest, having placed over 1,300 machines nationwide and in Canada. In February alone, the company added 10 new franchisees and 116 new vending machine locations, adding more fuel to the healthy vending machine revolution.

“We are making great strides in transforming an industry that was once believed to be unhealthy and mostly undesirable,” explains Dan Negroni, the chief executive officer and president of Fresh HealthyVending ( “Our machines have not only changed the look of vending machines, but have also completely changed the options inside of them, all for the better.”

Fresh Healthy Vending now has machines in 44 states across the country, as well as in Canada. The company recently established new franchise locations in California, Michigan, Illinois, North Carolina, and Missouri. Each month, new locations have been added, making the company the largest healthyvending machine company in North America.

While traditional vending machines were filled with unhealthy foods with long shelf lives, the FreshHealthy Vending machines have completely transformed the industry. Each machine is dual-climate controlled, providing the ability to offer cold foods. Franchisees choose from over 500 brands to stock the machines. Each machine is stocked with fresh, healthy food options, including drinks, fresh fruits and vegetables, protein and granola bars, yogurt, and baked chips and crackers.

“We plan to continue to grow even stronger this year, in an effort to provide more people with access tohealthy, convenient snacks,” adds Negroni. “If there’s no Fresh Healthy Vending machine near you now, there’s a good chance there will be one soon. Increasingly, people are seeking out our machines in an effort to support their goal of living a healthier lifestyle.”

The Fresh Healthy Vending machines are located in a variety of places, including hospitals, office buildings, military bases, workout facilities, and on school campuses.