The Fresh Mission

At Fresh Healthy Vending, our mission is to create profitable franchises, backed by dynamic social entrepreneurs, which greatly impact their communities, one healthy snack at a time!

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Fresh Healthy Vending is a NASDAQ OTCBB public company, trading under the stock symbol VEND.

Reliable Partnerships and Support for Successful Outcomes in the Right Locations – The Key to Our Franchise Program

Being a Fresh Healthy Vending Franchisee means you can make a difference while making a profit—filling the massive, growing demand for convenient, healthy food that is currently lacking in a variety of locations: schools, workplaces, hospitals and medical facilities, and other gathering places in the U.S. While good nutrition is currently on the rise with the banning of junk foods in schools and implementation of corporate wellness programs, there is still much to be done in the battle against obesity. Through our Fresh Healthy Vending and Micro Market programs, there’s never been a better time for health-conscious social entrepreneurs to partner with us and encourage healthier eating in people of all ages and lifestyles.

It’s All About More Healthy Locations

Partnering with the American Diabetes Association

Fresh is now partnered with the ADA, helping businesses all across the U.S. provide healthy food alternatives to companies taking part in Wellness Lives Here. This means thousands of new locations open to having our Fresh Healthy Vending machines and Fresh Micro Markets in their workplaces are primed and ready. This opportunity to help your community and make a good profit is unprecedented. It’s an opportunity with your name on it!


Becoming an ambassador for Fresh has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Presenting community leaders with a means to improving health and wellness feels fantastic! I’ve also found the franchisee mentoring and coaching programs to be exceptional. I feel a personal connection to Fresh Healthy Vending.

Wade Bergner, Fresh Healthy Vending Franchisee

Passionate Fresh Franchisee in Wisconsin