5 Ways Fresh Healthy Vending Helps Veterans Start Their Own Business


SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA – (March 16, 2012) – According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are nearly 22 million military veterans in the country. Further, 9 percent of all businesses in the country are majority-owned by veterans. While the employment rate for military veterans is beginning to improve, they have consistently experienced higher unemployment rates than non-military veterans. Many veterans turn to starting a business, especially franchising one, in an effort to create their own employment after leaving the military.

“We have military veterans who have franchised our machines and are doing great,” explains Dan Negroni, the Chief Executive Officer and President of Fresh Healthy Vending (freshvending.com). “Franchising offers military veterans some perks that will help these small-business owners succeed. Plus, there are programs in place to help veterans obtain a franchise much more easily.”

Here are 5 ways that Fresh Healthy Vending helps veterans start their own business:

  1. Innovative idea. Rather than the same old traditional ideas, Fresh Healthy Vending has taken it a step farther. They are revolutionizing the vending machine industry and providing a healthy solution, one that many people are searching for, especially in the face of the obesity crisis the nation faces.
  2. Complete training. Many people assume that a business owner needs a lot of education and training. Part of what makes franchising so appealing is that the person receives comprehensive training, so they know how to completely and successfully run their business.
  3. Mentoring. Starting a business can be an overwhelming experience. But having a mentor can help calm those fears and ensure that questions are answered. With the help that is provided to Fresh Healthy Vending franchisors, they always feel like they have a mentor, rather than feeling that they are doing it alone.
  4. Flexibility. Many jobs and businesses do not offer flexibility. Flexibility is a major perk of being a small business owner. The Fresh Healthy Vending franchise allows the business owner to have flexibility regarding where their machines are located, when they will make their rounds to fill them, etc.
  5. Full support. Fresh Healthy Vending provides complete support to each of their franchisors, providing them with a business that is ready to go and geared for success. Any time a franchisee questions or need assistance, they can get it.

“Our franchise opportunity has been designed to help military veterans, and others, have a successful small business,” adds Negroni. “We help interested candidates every step of the way, from funding sources and options to placement guidance and beyond. We succeed when our franchisors succeed, so we make it our mission to help them do just that.”


Source: www.franchising.com